Christina Aguilera appeared at the People’s Choice Awards in a jumpsuit in the style of the 2000s.

American singer Christina Aguilera repeated her iconic image, in which she starred in the video for the song Dirty in the 2000s, and was criticized online. The corresponding photos and comments are published by the Daily Mail.

Paparazzi filmed the 40-year-old celebrity on the carpet of the People’s Choice Awards. She was wearing a black corset jumpsuit with yellow and white inserts and cutouts in the cleavage area. Her image was complemented by mesh stockings and wide removable yellow trousers. Aguilera’s hair is styled in waves, and some strands are woven with thin pigtails, with which she often appeared in public in her youth. In the 2002 video, the singer was dressed in a similar outfit, but instead of a corset, she was wearing a bikini top and swimming trunks.

Readers of the publication began to discuss the appearance of the performer in the comments under the pictures. “Terrible outfit,” “Amazing voice and disgusting sense of style,” “God, she looks ridiculous,” “Unsuccessful attempt to remember her youth,” “Now she looks like she ate a young self. She should lose weight,” “This yellow suit adds a few kilograms to her,” they said.

On the eve of the ceremony, Christina Aguilera was announced the winner of the Music Icon Award. In her speech, the singer said that her music has always been dedicated to those who endure difficulties and make changes in this world.

“I’ve always strived for my music to convey a message of empowerment, whether it’s voicing my own truths or giving a voice to those who can’t do it on their own,” Aguilera said.