American singer-songwriter Christina Perry, 34, suffered a bereavement for the second time in this challenging 2020. The celebrity has been at the peak of popularity since 2010 but decided to change her career to happy family life.

At the end of 2017, Christina married reporter Paul Costabile, after which they had a baby Carmella. Three years later, the couple decided to have a second child, who was supposed to be born in early summer, but this was not destined to come true. On January 10, 2020, Christina lost her baby in the 11th week of pregnancy.

Having survived the tragedy, the couple decided to try a second time. For three months they hid it from the public, fearing that the sad story could repeat itself, and only broke the news in the second trimester. However, even now, the final of the pregnancy was unhappy. On November 11, Christina was admitted to the hospital with complications of the fetus. Even before the birth of the future baby, she was diagnosed with atresia (obstruction) of the small intestine. The condition required urgent surgery immediately after the birth of the girl.

During the artificially induced birth, the unexpected happened, the child did not survive. The couple does not disclose all the details, but it is clear that the past few weeks have been the most worrying for Christina and Paul. A photograph appeared on the Web in which parents are holding an already lifeless baby by the handle. The caption to the picture says: “I was born silent after I fought hard to get into this world”.