Don Mancini, the scriptwriter of all the films about the killer doll Chucky, has unveiled a teaser for the upcoming TV series, for which he also wrote the script. The teaser reports that the premiere will take place in 2021 on SYFY and USA Network.

Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly will return to voicing Chucky and Tiffany. According to rumors, other actors from previous films may appear in the series. Mancini talks about the new project this way:

In this series, our mission was to preserve the spirit of the original film. But at the same time, continue the story that we have been telling for 30 years and seven films. Fans will love seeing Chucky and the other characters they hope to see, as well as the new characters that appear in this series.

The series’ official description says:

After the old Chucky doll appears on a suburban sale, the idyllic American city plunges into chaos because a series of murders reveals the secrets of this city. At the same time, the arrival of friends and foes from Chucky’s past threatens to uncover the truth about the murders, as well as shed light on the demon doll’s origins.