54-year-old Cindy Crawford became the heroine of the new issue of Red magazine. In an interview, the model frankly talked about what difficulties she had to face at the peak of her career, why she changed her attitude towards maintaining physical fitness and nutrition, and how she learned to accept her shortcomings.

The star admitted that she could not afford to eat everything she wanted when she was younger: she strictly followed the figure. Simultaneously, other models did not adhere to such strict restrictions, which did not affect their figures in any way.

I have never been one of those who can eat what they want. It annoyed me when Kate Moss ate a hamburger with fries, – admitted Cindy.

Crawford notes that, after moving to New York, she changed her diet a lot, as otherwise, she would not fit into clothes. According to the star, clothes for models used to be much larger than they are now.

Cindy trained hard and hard – literally to the point of exhaustion. But after she had children, she realized that playing sports should give her energy and strength, and not tire her.

Now my goal is not to get hurt. So, I’ve added a lot more stretching and Pilates to my workouts, and I no longer feel obligated to do these gruelling exercises, she admitted.

Crawford noted that she learned to accept her shortcomings over the years: now she is not as strict with herself as she used to be.

When you are young, you have the beauty and strength of youth, but you are very strict with yourself and have not yet done the work. As you get older, you understand who you are, but you think this is not what it was before. Maybe it’s because insecurity and shortcomings make us human, she said.