Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton complained about Russia’s victory over the US in “vaccine diplomacy.” The Independent quotes her words.

Clinton said she is both intrigued and a little upset about how Russia and China are promoting their coronavirus vaccines. “They are using vaccine diplomacy. They come to the country and say, We will take care of you. And the United States can only eliminate their lag, ” the politician explained.

Clinton stressed that the United States would have enough doses to vaccinate its entire population, so it needs to be shared with others, both bilaterally and through the international mechanism, to ensure COVAX vaccines’ availability.

On the eve, it became known that the Russian Direct Investment Fund applied for the participation of the Sputnik V vaccine in the COVAX mechanism. In February, it became known that China would provide the mechanism with 10 million doses of its vaccine.

Also, both countries supply their drugs bilaterally. Agreements for the supply of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine have been concluded with more than 50 countries. The Chinese authorities say they send their vaccines as humanitarian aid to 53 states and on a commercial basis to 27.