Marc Ruef, a Swiss expert on digital security and data protection, said on Twitter that 3.8 billion phone numbers were leaked through the Clubhouse service. The problem affected not only the users of the social network, but also those who are recorded in their contacts.

The incident became known after Mr. Ryuf discovered a post published on the darknet by a certain hacker who put the database of numbers up for sale. To confirm the seriousness of his intentions, the cybercriminal published a fragment of the database with 83.5 million phone numbers, this number included only Japanese Clubhouse users. He also clarified that the offer is exclusive, and he is looking for only one buyer in the entire giant database.

In addition to the fact that such a leak can be called one of the largest in history, it is worth noting that this time the problem affected not only the users of the compromised service, but also those who were not registered in the social network. During installation and registration, the Clubhouse application requires access to the user’s contacts and in the process monitors the list of contacts in real time.

Recall that Clubhouse is a social network for voice messages launched at the beginning of this year. At first, registration in the service was available only by invitation, and only recently, on July 21, access was open to everyone.