Compal Electronics has agreed with Nvidia – together they will create a metaverse specifically for the corporate segment.

Manufacturing company Compal Electronics has teamed up with NVIDIA to build the metaverse. The project is being implemented for corporate users. The metaverse will be built using the Compal XR Cube solution. It is known to support various VR / AR devices from many manufacturers and uses OpenVR development tools.

As reported by DigiTimes, Compal XR Cube supports all AR and VR headsets that are structured based on the Open XR standard. This means that owners of headsets from HTC, Oculus Quest from Meta (Facebook), Hololense from Microsoft will be able to enjoy their stay in the virtual world. AR/VR devices developed by Compal will also be supported.

The computational performance of the standalone VR HMD will increase exponentially by connecting to the cloud platform. Compal has reportedly partnered with Nvidia to use its edge computing servers as a server platform. The connection will be provided by CloudXR technology, developed by NVIDIA.

Compal’s vice president of research and development said the company is now actively collaborating with Taiwanese IT giant Ganzin Technology to develop a next-generation VR device. Its peculiarity will be that it will track the eye.