Samsung’s concept videos have leaked to the network, showing the South Korean company’s AR glasses. They will be able to work and watch movies, in addition, Glasses Lite has a sun protection mode. And all this is presented in the form of miniature glasses without large and heavy displays. Engadget writes about this.

Glasses Lite are aimed at regular users and will allow them to watch movies, participate in video chats or work without a standard monitor.

AR glasses will help you organize a real augmented reality office: for example, make holographic calls when the participants in the call are practically “present” in the room. AR modeling will allow you to explore a digital space (say, a room’s design) as if you were actually there.

Glasses Lite are more realistic than Next Wearable Computing’s concept, but even they seem to represent more of what Samsung would like to do than a real project prototype. Currently, some of them reflect the goals of products like Microsoft HoloLens. The difference, as you might guess, is that Samsung will ditch bulky headsets in favor of minimalistic glasses that resemble regular ones.