Representatives of both parties of the US Congress introduced an amendment to the law, according to which the President will not be able to Finance military operations from the budget without the approval of Parliament. On Wednesday, June 26, The Hill reports.

Republican Matt Getz and representative of the Democratic Party Ro Khanna proposed this bill because of fears that the current head of the United States Donald Trump will start a war with Iran.

“In the presidential race, President Trump promised to end expensive wars abroad, but judging by his risky actions and the choice of advisers, he does not fulfill this promise,” Khanna said. In his opinion, the war with Iran, which almost started the American leader, would cost the state trillions of dollars.

Under the US Constitution, the President is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, but only Congress has the right to declare war. Permission to use military force, the head of the American state received in 2001 after the terrorist attack on September 11. It was issued for the international fight against the terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” and does not apply to Iran, according to legislators.

On June 25, Trump threatened Iran with “overwhelming force all the way to destruction” in response to any attack from the Islamic Republic.