Former White House doctor Congressman Ronny Jackson called on US President Joe Biden to immediately take a test to detect cognitive impairment, saying that the “decline in mental abilities” and forgetfulness of the American leader have become more noticeable.

“The American people … it deserves to know that he or she (the President) can exercise the duties of the head of state and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief … To achieve this, we urge you to take a cognitive test immediately,” Jackson said in a letter posted on the ex – doctor’s official website.

The letter was also signed by 13 Republican congressmen. They insist that Biden follow the example of former US President Donald Trump, who underwent a similar test.

“Unfortunately, your mental decline and forgetfulness have become more pronounced over the past 18 months,” the letter says, citing some examples of mistakes Biden made during speeches and events.

Earlier, local media, citing a representative of the White House, reported that US President Joe Biden will undergo a routine medical examination later this year.