Some curse him, others bow to experience and professionalism. National security adviser John Bolton has resigned. Donald Trump fired him and tweeted about it. Bolton held his post for two years. He became one of the most talked-about US politicians. Many blame him for the deterioration of relations between the US and Russia.

Conflict, but careful

The national security adviser is appointed by the President. Mr. Bolton, though renowned for his professionalism, was quick to make decisions about the use of military force where possible. Bolton, relying on experience, was, above all, cautious. This concerned relations with Iran, North Korea, the Taliban and Russia. Although there needs to be a balanced approach.

Reason for resignation? Bolton clashed with colleagues. And most of all in opinions dissected with Trump. They had disagreements on policy towards Russia, North Korea, Iran. This is a common cause. Bolton’s predecessor was Herbert McMaster, who was also fired because of disagreements with the defense Secretary and disagreements with Trump’s chief of staff.

And Councilman Flynn lasted less than two months. He left almost immediately — because of the scandal with Moscow, because of meetings with the Russian Ambassador.

“In General, Bolton was very respected for his experience. And for controlling the “naive” Trump. And condemned for belligerence. Bolton also criticized Putin and Russia. It became more active on Russia’s “interference” in elections 2016. The fact that he left – I think it is better for relations between Moscow and the United States. Bolton was very supportive of NATO expansion, the anti-Russian policy of the Baltic States, “- said the interlocutor of FreeNews.

Bolton kind of kept Trump from a closer relationship with Russia.

“How does the President’s entourage perceive his decision to fire Bolton? I think many will criticize. Everyone who supports the war. But this is the President’s choice,” interlocutor continued.