The COVID-2019 coronavirus has become a serious challenge for all of humanity. Oil prices are falling, and factories producing machinery are suspended. There is a decrease in the growth rate of the world economy. Moreover, all this because of the coronavirus? Yes. There are many different coronaviruses, but it is COVID-2019 (a virus of the coronavirus family) that is currently the most dangerous, since humanity has not yet developed a vaccine for it, and the pace of its spread is surprisingly fast. Currently, scientists have developed several types of vaccines and are testing them. In the future, it will be necessary to test them on animals, and then on people. The antiviral drug from COVID-2019 will appear only by the middle of 2021 — and this is according to the most optimistic forecasts.

In this article, we will try to answer the most popular questions about the COVID-2019 coronavirus and reveal all the information known about it now.

Online counter of coronavirus patients in the world

  • The number of cases of coronavirus in the world: 109 974 people
  • The number of deaths from the coronavirus in the world: 3 828 people
  • Number of people who recovered from coronavirus infection in the world: 61,867

On the Internet, many different counters are showing the number of cases in real-time, it is necessary to understand that these counters work based on data that are published by different countries once a day. It is not possible to accurately estimate the number of cases, perhaps someone is sick at home and thinks that he has the flu or is in a place where he can not see a doctor. We try to update our counter information once a day.

The symptoms of coronavirus

  • Difficulty breathing, cough
  • Rise in temperature
  • Malaise, weakness, headache, muscle pain (very severe), chills
  • Decreased appetite, nausea, and vomiting
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Diarrhea.

How not to be infected with coronavirus?

Wash your hands, do not visit public places. These are the best tips on how not to get coronovirus

As with common viruses, it is very important to wash your hands frequently, try to contact people at a close distance less often. In addition to washing your hands, use a variety of antiseptics containing alcohol. It will be useful to use antibacterial wipes.

Will a medical mask protect you from the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, the mask will not help you in the fight against coronovirus. This is what WHO claims

Unlikely. Most likely not, since it does not fit tightly to the face, and it does not stop the micro particles of the virus. It is much more effective if the mask is worn by a person infected with the coronavirus, rather than by someone who wants to protect themselves. However, it is best to use a respirator — it fits tightly to the face. The most ineffective respirator is 30% more effective than a regular mask. Moreover, even in this case, there is a risk of infection, since no material can protect against micro particles of the virus.

Will Eurovision be canceled because of the coronavirus?

Currently, more and more people are discussing the cancellation of the Eurovision song contest. In the Netherlands, where the competition will be held, there are already about 200 infected. In addition, the virus has begun to spread widely around the world; the growth rate is only increasing. There is a risk that an epidemic (widespread disease) of coronavirus will turn into a pandemic, which differs from the epidemic in that it is spread across many countries, and in some cases around the world. Earlier, we wrote an article in which we compared the epidemic with the pandemic in detail. The WHO Director is not yet ready to announce the COVID-2019 coronavirus pandemic, but this is probably where things are heading.

Can a child get a coronavirus?

Why does the virus not take children?

Chances are slim. Children under 15 years of age are still inexplicably less susceptible to the new virus. Probably, their body reacts differently to COVID-2019, so you should not worry too much about your children. Of course, measures need to be taken, because there is a risk of a pandemic.

What you need to know about coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses. In total, it includes 37 species and the most famous and dangerous today is the Wuhan COVID-2019, which is usually called the “new coronavirus.” Moreover, when it comes to coronavirus today, they mean it. The first reports of COVID-2019 appeared in China on December 31, 2019, in the city of Wuhan, which is home to 12 million people, and the first clinical manifestations of the virus in patients appeared on December 8. The cause of the virus is called snakes, which it was transmitted from bats. In China, snakes are sometimes used as food.

Mortality from coronavirus

Many people wonder what the percentage of deaths from coronavirus is. Now, the highest rate is recorded in Italy — 5%. On average, 3% of patients die from coronavirus in the world. For comparison, the death rate from the common flu is only 0.1% of the number of cases. It sounds scary, but China has already been able to defeat the virus, the number of cases has gone to decrease, even two hospitals in Wuhan were closed, built specifically for patients with coronavirus.

Does it look like little crowns?

Interesting facts about coronavirus

  • Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere has been significantly reduced
  • There are two types of COVID-2019: more and less aggressive
  • In China, people are allowed (or not allowed) to leave their homes by a mobile app
  • The virus has almost stopped spreading in China
  • Italian authorities closed 14 provinces due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Can a cat or dog be infected with coronavirus?

Do not be afraid for your four-legged friends.

Although animals can be infected with coronavirus, the probability that they will pass it to a person is close to zero. Earlier, the first case of coronavirus infection by a dog was recorded in Hong Kong. She was quarantined and examined. The animal had a low infection rate, and there is no evidence yet that pets can spread the disease.

Will the coronavirus affect the cost of products?

Against the background of the spread of the virus, the OPEC oil-exporting countries could not agree to reduce oil production. This will undoubtedly lead to higher prices for food and especially for equipment (smartphones, computers, and so on).

Will iPhone prices go up?

Apple will cancel the presentation of a coronavirus

More and more people believe that Apple may abandon the WWDC presentation and move it to some other date. In addition, in February, the company was forced to reduce the production of smartphones, but now the production lines have resumed their work. Will it be canceled or not? Probably not. The company can hold a presentation in an online format without journalists.