Many people prefer to wear contact lenses instead of glasses and they can be easily understood. The fact is that, unlike glasses, contact lenses do not sweat in the winter, do not fall out when running and provide a good viewing angle. But with all its convenience, they greatly change the microflora of the human eye and become the cause of their dryness. It seems that soon one of the shortcomings of contact lenses will finally be eliminated, because Japanese scientists managed to create self-moisturizing lenses. They can be worn for a very long time without feeling any discomfort, and all thanks to their unusual structure.

Self-wetting contact lens design

A new type of contact lens was described in a scientific journal called Advanced Materials Technologies. In the course of their scientific work, a research team led by Professor Matsuhiko Nishizawa decided to eliminate the main drawback of contact lenses. The fact is that when they are worn, a person begins to blink rarely, and yet this reflex constantly covers his eyes with a fresh tear film and eliminates their dryness. In addition, contact lenses increase the evaporation of moisture, and without it the eyes can become inflamed, which can lead to serious eye diseases.

The best eye lenses

The basis for a new type of contact lenses is a hydrogel, on the surface of which tiny parts are superimposed, creating an electric field inside it. It is necessary in order to move the tears that form behind the lower eyelid from bottom to top, thereby ensuring a constant “washing” of the eyes. As a power source, scientists used biological batteries that generate energy using the interaction of oxygen and other substances.

Unfortunately, new contact lenses are currently not available for purchase. Before releasing lenses on sale, scientists have to work on eliminating many problems. For example, at the moment, tiny but still wires are used to transfer energy from the batteries to the lenses. It is extremely important for researchers to provide the device with wireless power.

You do not want to put contact lenses on charge in addition to a watch and a smartphone?

Also, hydrogel-based lenses are too soft and extremely difficult to wear. Therefore, scientists intend to increase their rigidity, while maintaining their comfort for the eyes. At the same time, they will have to reduce the amount of energy consumed so that the eye rinsing system works continuously and the lenses do not need to be put on charge.

Japanese scientists believe that after eliminating the above problems, they will be able to improve contact lenses. After all, you can make it so that instead of a tear fluid, the device from time to time runs a solution of medications through the eye. For example, in this way it will be possible to treat some eye diseases faster, because at the moment many patients forget to bury eye treatments.

In general, scientists have long been engaged in improving contact lenses. For example, at the end of 2019, American scientists developed lenses that can bring distant objects closer.