The newest Crew Dragon ship will leave the International space station with two NASA astronauts on August 1, its return to Earth after the first test manned flight is expected on August 2, weather permitting, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said on Friday.

“We are planning for August 1 departure of the SpaceX-owned ship Endeavor from the ISS with astronauts Bob (Behnken) and Doug (Hurley) after their historical mission. The flooding is scheduled for August 2,” Bridenstine wrote on Twitter. He noted that plans might change depending on weather conditions.

Crew Dragon launched its first crewed flight in late May. The spacecraft delivered in orbit, astronauts Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken. Earlier it was reported that their mission, the first independent human-crewed flight by the US since 2011, may last about three months to ensure the presence of a full-fledged crew in orbit.

According to SpaceX technology, the Crew Dragon capsule with the crew makes a water landing, so weather conditions are critical both during the launch of the ship (in case of an emergency landing) and during its return from orbit.