Crew Dragon with an unprofessional crew landed in the Atlantic

With the first completely non-professional crew of four people, the Crew Dragon ship landed in the Atlantic Ocean, completing a three-day mission in orbit; the broadcast was conducted on the SpaceX website.

The Inspiration 4 mission with a crew of non-professional astronauts launched from the Canaveral Space Center on Wednesday evening. The return took place in accordance with the schedule — the capsule of the ship on parachutes landed on the ocean on Saturday at 19.06 East Coast time.

The non-professional crew of two women and two men conducted scientific work in orbit for three days, went to direct communication sessions with the Earth several times, and admired the views of the planet from an orbit with a height of 575 kilometers. Especially for this flight, Crew Dragon was upgraded and equipped with a transparent dome that opens a panoramic view.

As reported on the eve of the completion of the SpaceX mission, for the first time, a ship belonging to it with a crew is returning to the Atlantic Ocean; before that, all manned Crew Dragon landed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California.

The Inspiration 4 mission is charitable and aims to raise funds for the St. Petersburg Children’s Hospital. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, specializing in pediatric oncological diseases.

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