In total, the Ax-1 crew stayed at the station for 15 days.

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft with a crew of space tourists returned to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday after more than two weeks. The broadcast of the device’s landing was conducted on the website of the aerospace company Axiom Space, which organized this flight.

Four crew members of the ship of the first fully commercial Ax-1 mission donned spacesuits and began preparing for the descent a few hours before it began. At about 13:00 on the time of the East Coast of the USA, the device entered the dense layers of the atmosphere; a couple of minutes later its main parachutes were released. At 13:06, the host of the broadcast confirmed the flooding of Crew Dragon in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the state of Florida.

The mission went to the ISS from the Cape Canaveral cosmodrome (Florida) on April 8, and the next day space tourists were at the station. They had to stay on it for about 10 days, but due to adverse weather conditions off the coast of Florida, which could prevent the crew from picking up in the ocean, the undocking had to be postponed several times, so in total the Ax-1 crew stayed at the station for 15 days, their device separated from the ISS only on April 24. The process of returning to Earth took about 16 hours.