Google has discovered two critical errors at once in a week in the Chrome browser. They could affect several billion users whose personal data were at risk. In the new version of the browser, these errors have been fixed.

The company has reported four dangerous vulnerabilities in its browser. Because of this, the personal data of 2.6 billion users were at risk. To protect personal information, Google recommends updating to the latest version, in which the developers have already fixed the problem.

The vulnerabilities were noticed after the release of the latest Google Chrome zero-day patches. The company posted a post about this on their blog. Google informs about four found vulnerabilities, two of which are the most dangerous.

Google Chrome has been susceptible to Use-After-Free attacks. This exploit allows hackers to use the data for their own purposes.

The Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) reported that hackers created “malformed code signatures” that Windows deemed acceptable. But they are invisible to the Open SSL code that is used in security scanners, which allowed attackers to go undetected.

On October 3, the company already reported two zero-day vulnerabilities. The zero-day status indicates a high probability that cybercriminals are aware of the error. Therefore, the company was in a hurry to release updates. Google kept the details of the hack under wraps to protect users.