A kilometer-long queue lined up in the center of Buenos Aires from those who want to say goodbye to the famous football player Diego Maradona, who died the day before.

Argentina’s 1986 World Cup champion Maradona died on Wednesday at the age of 60. The farewell to the famous football player takes place in the Presidential Palace in the center of the Argentine capital and is open to all comers. The last time they said goodbye to President Nestor Kirchner in the Presidential Palace was 10 years ago.

The entrances and the space on the square in front of the Palace are strictly delimited. The police put people in orderly lines to get to the Palace as quickly as possible.

People sing songs, listen to the radio broadcast of Maradona matches. Many of them are dressed in the uniforms of fans of the Boca Juniors club, for which Maradona once played, while others are wearing t-shirts with the coveted number 10.

Enterprising people sell flowers, Coca-Cola, and sausages to those waiting in line.

Fans who visited the coffin of Diego Maradona told how the farewell to the famous football player takes place.

“You are there for just a few minutes, you can’t stop for a second, the police immediately ask you to move on,” says Ricardo, who has just left the Palace.

“Photos and videos are forbidden; this is strictly monitored,” adds Maria.

The coffin is closed, but you can walk past it quite close, said Ricardo.