Crucial published an article on its website explaining the warranty policy associated with using SSDs to mine Chia cryptocurrency. Moreover, in this article it was indicated that Crucial will void the warranty of the drives used for mining. But later the company edited the material, making it clear that the warranty still applies to all of its drives, but with additional conditions.

The Tom’s Hardware portal drew attention to the manufacturer’s statement. The wording of the company’s original message indicated that all drives used in Chia mining would be removed from the warranty. At the same time, we were talking not only about new SSDs, but also those that have already been purchased by customers. It is curious that in the warranty agreement itself, no changes were made regarding mining. Because of this, Tom’s Hardware journalists suggested that the manufacturer published an article about changing the warranty policy ahead of time, having not finally decided on the conditions. Having decided to understand the situation, the journalists turned to Crucial, where they were confirmed that the company had not changed any warranty agreements, and “any misunderstanding that could have been caused by the publication on its official blog was an accident.”

The manufacturer managed to edit the original article even before Tom’s Hardware contacted, but the journalists managed to take screenshots.

The image above indicates several times that any crypto mining activity using a Crucial SSD will void the drive’s warranty.

“Using a Crucial SSD for mining voids the warranty. We do not recommend using even the Crucial P5 for mining, which boasts a high endurance value and is able to induce miners to use them for Chia plotting. All Crucial drives come with a 3-5 year warranty, depending on the model. The warranty may be voided if an SSD is used to mine Chia or any other cryptocurrency. The company’s warranty only covers defects that may arise during normal use of the SSD and does not include failures or malfunctions resulting from misuse and negligence by the user. ”

The company later edited the post. Now it looks like this:

“All Crucial SSDs come with a 3-5 year warranty, depending on drive model and size, and whichever comes first.”

Further, in a conversation with Tom’s Hardware, the company explained that there was an error in the original article.

“We need to clarify that our standard 3 and 5 year warranty terms for drives have not changed. Our warranty is determined by two factors: calendar time (either 3 years or 5 years) and / or the total amount of information overwritten on the drive (depending on the size of the SSD up to 1200 TB), whichever comes first. These standard warranty terms apply to all Crucial SSD models. I repeat: this is not a change in the warranty policy. But we believe that when using our drives for such purposes (mining, – editor’s note), they will reach their declared TBW limit faster, and not the calendar life. Thus, we want to clarify the specifics of our warranty conditions to our customers before they start using our drives for mining. As you know, the problem lies not in the nature of the considered usage model of the drive, but in the huge amounts of rewritable information. Our goal is to inform the consumer of any problems that may arise when using applications that use an intensive rewriting process. Any misunderstanding that the posting on the official blog might have caused was an accident,” Crucial spokesman commented.

In other words, the manufacturer will not void the warranty of those who will use its drives for Chia mining. But the user must take into account not only the declared calendar period of the guarantee, but also the declared value of the SSD endurance, that is, the guaranteed volume of overwritten information (TWB). Chia has been known to reduce its SSD endurance rating very quickly, so the company recommends that you think twice before using its drives for mining.