Last summer, Sony Pictures agreed with Olivia Wilde to direct a solo movie about Spider-Woman.

One of the first fan-casts for this image was the star of a distant galaxy, Daisy Ridley, but it turns out that the actress herself did not hear anything about the messages on the Internet. Sariya Wilson, a journalist for USA Today, told about this.

“I spoke to Daisy Ridley about rumours about Spider-Woman. She said she hadn’t heard anything. When I explained everything to her, she was like: “Oh my God! Yes, I would love to play Spider-Woman! ” After explaining in detail that this movie could enter the Cinematic Universe, I asked her how she felt about joining the superhero franchise, to which Daisy replied, “Yes, of course!”

Ridley also admitted that she has a great love for the cartoon “Spider-Man: Into the Universes”, and right now, she is watching the mini-series “Wanda / Vision”.

The upcoming project will be about and who will be the central character in it is still unknown. Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson and Jessica Drew tried on the Spider-Woman costume at various times. Olivia is assisted in script development by Katie Silberman. Amy Pascal is the main producer of the film comic strip.