Over the past decade, Daniel Radcliffe has shown himself to be a proponent of quirky films that aren’t usually expected from an actor in a multi-billion dollar franchise. He managed to show an extraordinary game and get used to even the most complex image. However, those who see him on the screen still invariably remember “Harry Potter”.

There is nothing wrong with this association, of course, because the cult film series is still the object of adoration of fans. Radcliffe played the Boy-Who-Lived for many years explains why he is so inextricably linked with this role. From the very first moments of the franchise’s debut tape, the actor showed remarkable talent, but, as it turned out, he had certain questions about his acting. In a recent interview, Daniel admitted that he could not watch his favourite pictures without embarrassment.

“It’s hard to separate my relationship with Harry from my relationship with films in general. I am incredibly grateful for the experience. He showed me what I want to do for the rest of my life. In fact, it’s good luck to find out early what you love. I am, of course, very embarrassed about some of my actions, but yes, it’s like asking, “How do you feel about your teenage years?” There are so many things that it is almost impossible to single out one feeling, ” Radcliffe shared his emotions.

After the end of the Harry Potter series, many claimed that the actor’s career would end there, but nothing like that happened. And while playing in cult films still confuses Daniel, it remains a favourite part of the Wizarding World for fans.