As it turned out, some of the developers of the series from Visceral are also working on the remake of Dead Space at EA Motive, among them, for example, Dead Space 2 art director Mike Yazijian.

In a similar position, he worked on Star Wars: Squadrons and Batman: Arkham Origins, but it is the work on the second Dead Space that gives the specialist a “unique perspective” for the remake of the first part.

To work on rethinking, Yazijyan found his old notebooks for Dead Space 2 – here are concepts, visual guidelines, primary sources, and notes of conversations with the Montreal studio, and much more.

All this, even if indirectly, the team plans to use in one way or another when recreating the first part. However, the main source of inspiration remains the original – while the studio has already hinted that it intends to return certain cut content.