Scientists from the United States have recorded a temperature record in Death Valley – 54.4 ° C. The researchers warn that temperatures could rise even higher in the future.

In Death Valley, California, the hottest, driest and lowest place in the country, temperatures hit 54.4 ° C. This is the highest temperature in the area and one of the hottest temperatures recorded on the entire planet.

The National Meteorological Service said the park was very hot on Friday, adding that there is a 25% chance the temperature will again reach 54.4 ° C or higher in the next two days. At the beginning of the day, the temperature was 50.6 ° C.

“Extreme temperatures are no joke! Be careful before going outside this weekend. Do not endanger yourself or the rescue personnel! ”- urged the National Meteorological Service in Las Vegas.

Scientists believe that in the next weeks the temperature may rise by a few more degrees and break the absolute record – 56.7 ° C, which was recorded on July 10, 1913 in Death Valley.

The temperature was recorded by the automatic meteorological station of the US National Weather Service in the area of ​​Stove Creek near the border with the state of Nevada. This indicator will be checked – in these cases, additional checks of devices are needed, which must work correctly and accurately.