Deep sea fish for some unknown reason washed ashore in California

A deep-sea fish, a black-toothed anglerfish, which usually lives at a depth of more than a kilometer, has thrown itself onto the California beach.

A fish 45 centimeters long with sharp black teeth and an open mouth lay on Crystal Cove Beach. It is not yet known how it got to the surface from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

After the discovery, the fish was frozen in order to be transferred to the collection of the Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles County.

Anglerfish, or anglerfish, are a genus of marine ray-finned fish from the anglerfish family of the anglerfish order. Found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. They hunt their prey at a depth of about a kilometer.

The reasons for the recent deaths are unclear. Although some of them may have died from ship strikes, sonar and secret military tests, the reasons for the death of most of the animals are unknown.

It is also noted that 8 gray whales were found dead in the San Francisco area over the past month. Scientists believe that the number of whales found on the shore is only a small fraction of the actual death toll.

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