Romanian Defense Minister Nicolae Chuke accidentally published classified information on social networks. This was reported by the Romanian TV channel Digi 24.

The official posted on Facebook a series of images from his trip to the Army Academy in Sibiu. In one of the photographs, a marker board was captured on which access data to some accounts and video conferences and phone numbers of employees of the ministry’s call centre were recorded.

After reports in the media, the department removed the picture. The ministry said that no attempts were made to gain access to the call centre data, and all passwords in the photo were changed.

In November 2020, Dutch journalist Daniel Verlaan interrupted a secret video conference of EU defence ministers. He managed to infiltrate an online meeting and even chat with European politicians. It was reported that Verlaan was able to get to the online meeting thanks to the fact that one of its participants – the Minister of Defense of the Netherlands, Anka Beyeveld – posted on Twitter a photo with the address and PIN code to enter the conference.