The heads of the financial departments of these countries defiantly left the hall during a speech by video link of the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen defiantly left the meeting of finance ministers of the G20 countries, during a speech by Finance Ministers of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov.

The Russian minister spoke via video link. Yellen’s demarche was joined by Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey and Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, a Ukrainian by birth.

What is happening has once again shown that there are disagreements among the G20 countries about Russia’s participation in this body against the background of the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, called on Russia’s representative, Deputy Finance Minister Timur Maksimov, who personally attended the meeting in Washington, to convey a clear signal to Moscow: stop the war in Ukraine.

This was reported by a source of the Reuters news agency.

The finance ministers of the G20 countries and the heads of the central banks of these states met on the sidelines of the annual spring session of the IMF and the World Bank, held in Washington. The key topics of the current session are the war in Ukraine, food security and the ongoing recovery of the global economy after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier on Wednesday, Yellen told her colleague from Indonesia (recall that this country currently chairs the G20) that Russia’s attempts to conduct business in the global economy, pretending that nothing happened, given its invasion of Ukraine, will not be successful. This was stated in the U.S. financial department.

Warnings that Western delegations were planning to use diplomatic tools to protest the Russian delegation at the meeting of finance ministers of the G-20 countries sounded in advance. Representatives of the USA, France, Germany and Canada spoke on this topic.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Yellen called on the World Bank to develop “clear and ambitious goals” for adapting to climate change and the global energy transition to alternative energy sources.