On March 23, a documentary by Demi Lovato will be released. The singer talks about her drug problems, and almost fatal overdose and subsequent awakening and returns to normal life.

In the teaser for the movie, Demi says, “I have a lot to tell about the last two years of my life. I want to clarify what happened. When you suppress a part of yourself, it overflows. I crossed a line that I had never crossed before. I had three heart attacks. The doctors said I had 5-10 minutes to live. “

Also, in the film announcement, Lovato spoke about the brain damage she received due to an overdose in 2018. “I don’t drive because I have blind spots in my eyes. It was tough for me to read for a long time because my vision was very blurry. Only two months later I managed to read something, and it was a whole achievement. The consequences [of the overdose] were many, some still remain. They remind me of what can happen if I take the dark path again. “

In addition to the singer’s drug addiction, the film tells about her tumultuous relationship with Max Erich, her new sober life and the events during the coronavirus pandemic.