The Hollywood actress shared with her friend Naomi Campbell her thoughts on the quarantine and restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fact that quarantine has become a “blessing” for her, 58-year-old Moore told the subscribers of the YouTube channel of the model “With Naomi without filters.” Demi said that she spent the very beginning of the quarantine in a country house in Idaho with her ex-husband Bruce Willis and their three daughters – Rumer, Tallula and Scout, and Willis’s two daughters from her second marriage to Emma Hemming.

“The pandemic brought us a lot of grief and sadness, but also a lot of good times,” said Moore Naomi Campbell. – I appreciate the fact that the universe has given me a unique opportunity not to rush anywhere and appreciate the time we spend with our loved ones. It so happened that Bruce, his wife and children joined us, and we whiled away the evenings with a big friendly family. “

The star values ​​these moments very much and calls them a luxury that would never have happened to them if not for the epidemic.

“It was a real blessing of God, which allowed all of us to reconsider our attitude towards each other, to rethink all that was lost and missed. It was an amazing experience, ” said the actress.

She was glad that her three adult daughters had a unique chance to know better and love their younger half-sisters.