32-year-old Rumer Willis told subscribers what psychological problems she faced in life. As it turned out, the girl suffers from panic attacks. Rumer noted that each of us “has many sides”, and many people do not see outside of social networks.

By the time Willis was recording fan stories, she had been battling intense anxiety for 24 hours. Sometimes this condition can take over her completely.

“I feel like I’m dying, I feel sick, my heart doesn’t slow down,” Rumer described.

The actress added that she has the feeling that some force has captured the “control panel” in her brain. And the worst thing she can do is try to fight it or resist it.

Rumer is known for her honesty and openness with her followers on social media. On New Year’s Eve, she revealed that she has been sober for four years. Willis said that she is grateful to herself for the newfound harmony within, which helped her overcome difficult 2020.

“Even when I can’t get rid of the feelings that arise, no matter how difficult or painful they may be, I try my best to get through them,” she said.

Recall that Rumer is the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Rumer has two younger sisters – Scout and Talula.