During the election debate, presidential candidates promised to focus on diplomacy and strengthen the image of the United States.

Presidential candidates from the Democratic Party criticized President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, condemning his decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Russia and the International Convention on climate change, as well as the continuation of foreign military campaigns, which they consider unnecessary.

Participants in the first round of debates in Detroit also promised not to be the first to use nuclear weapons and to try to strengthen America’s image in the international arena.

The Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that trump behaves as a self-employed farmer in relations with the rest of the world.

“He brought us out of the climate agreement, the nuclear agreement with Iran, the nuclear agreement with Russia, and I do not agree,” she said.
Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders promised in case of election to strengthen the authority of the United States in the UN and focus on diplomatic rather than military methods.

During the debate, Sanders was asked what distinguishes his rejection of the US military presence around the world from Trump’s unwillingness to be a “world policeman.”

Sanders responded by calling trump a “pathological liar.”

“We have been present in Afghanistan for, it seems, 18 years. In Iraq, 16 or 17 years. We spent $ 5 trillion on the war on terror, – Sanders reminded. – There are probably more terrorists in the world now than before… We need a foreign policy focused on diplomacy and ending conflicts through dialogue, not murder.”

Similar views on diplomacy were voiced by the former Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, who opposed the increase in trade duties against China.
“Ask any economist: there is not a single example in history when there would be a winner in a trade war, – he said. – Trade wars are for losers.”
The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg has promised to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by the end of his first year in office. Buttigieg himself once served in Afghanistan.

Former Congressman from Texas, Beto O’Rourke spoke in the same vein, promising to withdraw troops from Afghanistan during the first presidential term.
“We have already achieved the goals that initially prompted us to enter the conflict in Afghanistan, – he said. – And it’s time to bring home troops from Afghanistan, as well as from Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Syria.”

Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren promised in case of election to refrain from the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons.
“Our primary duty is to ensure our security, – she stressed. – What is happening under Donald Trump is that they continue to expand our capabilities in terms of nuclear weapons and their use, thereby putting us at risk.”