WASHINGTON — The leaders of the Democratic Party in Congress, who took part in a meeting in the White House in connection with the Iranian attack on the US drone, expressed concern about the growing tension in Washington’s relations with Tehran.

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, is alarmed that President Trump could “get involved” in a war with Iran. Schumer said that the problem needed to be discussed openly. In addition, the conduct of any foreign military operations, Schumer recalled, must be approved by Congress.

“I told the President that these conflicts tend to escalate… The President may not intend to go to war right now, but we are worried that he and the administration may get involved in the war,” said Schumer, speaking to reporters after a briefing at the White House.

The speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi called on the administration to dialogue with Iran, noting that, according to her information, the American drone was indeed shot down by the Iranians in the international airspace.

“It is essential that we remain fully engaged with our allies, aware of the irresponsibility of the enemy, and doing everything possible to ease tensions. This is a dangerous, tense situation that requires a strong, smart and strategic approach, not a reckless approach,” Pelosi said in a statement. The speaker added that Congress needed new powers to allow the use of military force abroad.

Several influential Republicans in the House of representatives, including minority leader Kevin McCarthy, said Thursday that the US should take “balanced” measures against Iran.

“Iran carried out a direct attack on the property of the United States in international waters. This provocation occurred a week after they attacked… two commercial tankers in international waters,” said the statement, which, in addition to McCarthy, was signed by lawmakers Michael McCall, Mac Thornberry and Devin Nunes.