On the second day of the virtual party Convention, Biden was supported by his wife, Jill Biden, former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of state John Kerry.

The Democratic Party has officially nominated former Vice President Joe Biden as a presidential candidate for the 2020 election.

The nomination was confirmed during a 30-minute roll call of representatives from all 57 States and territories on the second day of the party’s Convention.

During the Convention, former President Bill Clinton sharply criticized Donald Trump, accusing the current President of a lack of leadership and chaotic decisions.

Speaking to delegates at the party’s first virtual Convention, Clinton also criticized Trump for the high unemployment rate, when he was supposed to play a leading role in the world.

“At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center,” Bill Clinton said in a video message. – Instead, it became the center of a hurricane. There is only chaos.”

At the same time, Clinton accused Trump of trying to evade responsibility for his decisions.

“Only one thing never changes – his firm intention to deny responsibility and shift blame,” Clinton said of the President. “He never takes responsibility.”

The former Democratic President said that America needs an alternative.

“Our party has united by offering you a completely different choice – a President who goes to work. This is a clear-thinking guy who is focused on doing his job,” Clinton said. – A person who has a mission – to take responsibility, not to shift blame, to focus, not to distract, to unite, not to divide. Our choice is Joe Biden.”

Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, spoke about what it was like to be a teacher during the pandemic. She recorded her video message in a classroom at a school in Delaware, where she taught English when Biden was a Senator.

Jill Biden continued to teach at a community college when she was the second lady of the United States.

“You can hear the alarm echoing in the empty hallways,” she said, describing her school during the pandemic. – No smell of new notebooks or freshly scrubbed floors. The rooms are dark, and the smart young faces that were supposed to fill them are enclosed in squares on a computer screen.”

She also highlighted the personal qualities of Joe Biden as a loving father and a determined fighter who can cope with the tragedy. Biden’s son, Beau Biden, a former Delaware Attorney General, died of brain cancer in 2015 when his father was Vice President.

“How to build a broken family? Just like the country – with love and understanding, small acts of compassion, bravery and unwavering faith,” Jill Biden said.

“Sometimes, I don’t understand how he managed to do it – how he could barely move his legs but keep walking,” she continued. – But I always understood why he did it. He’s doing it for you.”

Former Secretary of state John Kerry, a Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, accused trump of pretending that Russia did not try to interfere in the 2016 election, and did nothing when media reports surfaced that Russia allegedly paid rewards to Taliban fighters in Afghanistan for killing US military personnel.

“In other words, he will not protect our country,” Kerry said. – He doesn’t know how to protect our troops. The only person he wants to protect is himself.”