Representatives of the progressive wing of the party refused to support the bipartisan bill on infrastructure due to the lack of an agreement on investments in the social sphere.

The leadership of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives decided to postpone Thursday’s vote on a bipartisan infrastructure package after representatives of the progressive wing of the party refused to support the bill.

Dozens of progressive Democrats opposed a separate vote on a $1 trillion infrastructure bill until an agreement is reached within the party on a more expensive social spending bill. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, chairman of the Progressive Caucus of the Congress, said this on Thursday evening.

Earlier, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Democrats to vote on Thursday for the adoption of the infrastructure law, which is supported by the Joe Biden administration and some Republicans in the House and Senate.

However, Jayapal said that the members of the caucus headed by her will not vote for the infrastructure package until an agreement is reached between the Democrats on the social spending bill.

Progressive Democrats have long stated that they would refuse to support the infrastructure bill passed by the Senate in August with the support of both parties until the details of a larger social package were worked out, the initial cost of which was estimated at $ 3.5 trillion.

According to Democrats, the last vote this week in the lower house of Congress will be held on a bill on temporary financing of the transport industry.