Early voting in this state began on Sunday.

Potential Democratic presidential candidates traveled to the West of the country, to Nevada, where early voting began on Sunday at the Democratic Party’s Caucuses. Voters are voicing their opinions on who should challenge Republican President Donald Trump in the General election in November.

On the way to Nevada, where the next Democratic Party Caucuses will be held on February 22, presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders made a stop in Texas.

“Blacks and whites, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, gays, and heterosexuals – we are all Americans. We will unite. We will defeat Trump. We will change this country,” Sanders said.
Sanders and former mayor of South Bend in Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, performed well in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“I am running for President because I fear that our country is running out of time, but I believe that it is not too late to unite. I believe that we have a future in which we will overcome our differences if we want to mobilize, not polarize, the American majority that demands a better future,” Buttigieg says.

When Senator Amy Klobuchar launched her campaign, many thought she had no chance, but in the New Hampshire primary held last week, she finished third. She said that after that, her staff managed to raise $ 12 million.

“Most of this money came from ordinary people who first discovered me and understood what I was focused on, namely, to lead people, not to isolate themselves from them, to return decency to the White House,” Klobuchar emphasizes.

“And the most important thing,” – she continues – “is that we have a President who can represent himself in the place of other people in this country.”

Speaking about this, Klobuchar calls for comparing his experience with the biography of Donald Trump.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who was once considered the race favorite, is hoping to show good results in Nevada and, later, in South Carolina after poor performances in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Early voting in 80 places in Nevada began on Sunday.