Tech startup Ampere has developed smart sunglasses. Users can change the shade level of the glasses using the app.

The new Dusk sunglasses differ from their counterparts with electrochromic lenses. The peculiarity of such glass is that it changes its hue in response to electrical signals.

Wearers of these glasses have several ways to change the degree of lens shading. A dedicated button on the temples switches between three preset shade levels. For more detailed control, there is a special smartphone application. User settings are saved in the profile. The darkening itself occurs in 0.1 seconds.

Also, the model provides speakers and a microphone so that the user can take phone calls, call Siri and Google Assistant, and listen to music and podcasts. The authors of the development note that only the user will hear the sound from the speakers.

Sunglasses are being developed by many startups. Bose has implemented AR technology in its models, while Intel and Oakley have implemented a fitness tracker. Researchers have also experimented with smart lenses that alert the wearer when there is too much sunlight.