Disabled inventor makes a LEGO prosthesis for a child without hands

Inventor David Aguilar made a LEGO prosthesis for a boy named Beknur. The child was born without arms.

David Aguilar from Andorra was in the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s first functional LEGO arm in 2017. In 2021, he created another option for an 8-year-old child who has no limbs.

Aguilar himself was born with Poland syndrome and an underdeveloped right hand – instead of a forearm, he has only a partial fingering hand. However, his condition did not prevent him from becoming an inventor. He says that due to the fact that he did not have an arm, as a child he was bullied at school. At the age of nine, he assembled his first LEGO prosthesis, and at 18 he made the design perfect. Today he is studying to be a bioengineer.

He named the mechanical prosthesis MK-I after the Mark 1 Iron Man suit from the eponymous comic book series. The first hand prosthesis had an elbow joint and a clasp to pick up objects that the user could work with while bending the elbow.

The inventor named the new prostheses for a boy named Beknur MK-Beknur and eMK-Beknur. One comes in handy for moving and picking things up, and the other for using your tablet. The cost of prostheses was only $ 18.

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