The oldest Indian actor, who is known for the film “Disco Dancer”, has died.

Actor Chandrashekhar died in Mumbai on Wednesday, June 16, reports India Today. The actor did not live to see his 99th birthday for three weeks – the birthday of the Bollywood star would have been celebrated on July 7. The specific cause of death of the artist is not disclosed. In the Indian press, there is information about a certain age-related disease. A farewell ceremony with Chandrashekhar took place on the day of his death, and his body was cremated a little later.

The artist devoted half a century to work in the film industry. He stopped acting at the age of 78. His father’s work in show business is continued by his son Ashok, who is a producer of TV projects, and his 35-year-old grandson Shakti, an actor, who has dozens of film roles to his credit. Chandrashekhar himself has appeared in hundreds of projects during his career in the industry. The most famous of them are: “Disco Dancer,” “Surang,” “India Gate,” “Jahan Ara.” The actor also became famous after introducing the cha-cha-cha dance in a film musical, which became the artist’s hallmark and made him one of the most recognizable personalities on Indian television in the 60s and 70s.