The last film with the participation of the actress flopped at the box office due to corporate policy.

Disney’s recently released Cruella, starring Emma Stone, has yet to pay off its budget, despite a massive US advertising campaign for the project.

With a budget of $ 200 million, the film grossed only 220 million worldwide. For the tape to pay off, the fees had to exceed the budget twice, but this did not happen.

Regardless, Disney is already thinking of a sequel to Cruella to try to close the budget hole this way. Recently, the producers contacted Emma Stone again, offering her a job.

According to Variety, Disney decided to be ahead of the curve. According to rumors, the star was going to sue the corporation for the fact that the bosses released the film immediately in online cinemas.

Scarlett Johansson previously filed a similar lawsuit against Marvel, who missed some of the potential profit during the release of Black Widow. Stone planned to follow her example.