Businessmen and workers of American Seattle sued local authorities, accusing them of allegedly starting arson, shooting, and mass riots in the city because of their inaction. Meanwhile, Walt Disney said it would change the theme of its rides after accusations of racism. Also, the situation with coronavirus has worsened in the States.

Most of the protesters in Seattle have left the so-called Autonomous zone that they previously occupied. Now local authorities are assessing the damage caused by aggressive activists and investigating a series of arson attacks, of which there were at least eight this week alone. However, this is not all trouble. Businessmen and ordinary workers filed a lawsuit against the Seattle authorities, accusing the mayor and police chief of allowing shootings, acts of vandalism, and generally without resistance handed over the city area to the hands of anarchists.

Meanwhile, in Oakland, public figures are working to reduce the presence of police officers in schools to zero. Media personalities also supported the initiative. They include the head coach of the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. Activists of the movement for the rights of blacks arranged a vote in the city school board, which the local press has already called a historical one.

“Many students have long said that they do not want to see police officers in their schools. This does not give a sense of security, but on the contrary, makes black students constantly nervous, because the attitude of the guards to them is often biased. Therefore, we suggest putting an end to this and instead of police officers, attract more psychologists, teachers, and social workers to work in schools, ” says Jackie Byers, Executive Director of the Black Organizing Project.

The changes also affected the American company, Walt Disney. Two of its amusement parks – in Florida and California-will change the theme of rides after accusations of racism. The idea of the 1946 film “Song of the South,” which is set on a plantation in the post-civil war period, will replace the theme of the cartoon “the Princess and the frog.” And the rides will be dedicated to its main character, the dark-skinned Princess Tiana.

In addition to questions about racial discrimination, the US authorities are puzzled by another problem. After prolonged mass protests, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection has increased significantly in the country. According to official data, there are almost two and a half million of them. According to unofficial estimates, experts say, ten times more.

President Trump, however, still assures that the situation is under control.

“There are fewer deaths. We have one of the lowest death rates in the world,” he said. – We have done an incredible historical job. And I want you all to understand how much work has been done! Our testing system is bearing fruit!”

Because of the pandemic, the authorities of some States are releasing dozens of prisoners from prison early, whose health is a concern. The Governor of Washington urges everyone to wear protective masks both on the street and indoors, which made the local police Sheriff very angry. He went out on the road with an appeal not to listen to this recommendation. “The Governor decided that we should still wear masks! And I say-don’t be obedient sheep!” – urged Lewis County, Sheriff Robert Snaza.

However, later, he said that he did not call for violation of quarantine measures, but just wanted to argue with officials. Meanwhile, the US government realized that it had paid almost a billion and a half dollars to dead souls. In other words, the compensation provided against the background of the pandemic was transferred to deceased patients and fraudsters.