The two leaders shook hands on either side of the demarcation line.

Trump also symbolically crossed the line and, accompanied by Kim Jong-un, stepped on the ground of North Korea, becoming the first acting President of the United States who visited the territory of this country. “This is a historic moment,” the DPRK leader said, commenting on Trump’s actions.

“It was a great honor to cross this line,” Trump said. The US President also invited Kim Jong-un to visit the White House.

After that, Trump and Kim Jong-un returned together to the territory of South Korea and went for talks to the Freedom House — a four-story administrative building, often used for inter-Korean meetings.

Donald Trump, accompanied by South Korean President Moon Jae-In, arrived at the meeting place more than an hour before the arrival of the DPRK leader. The presidents had time to examine the positions of the South Korean and American military and talk to journalists.

Trump told the press that since his first meeting with Kim Jong-un, much has been achieved, and the demilitarized zone on the border of the two countries has become a much more peaceful place than before.

“It’s a completely different world. And I say this again for people who continue to say that nothing has been achieved. So much has been done,” Trump said before the meeting.

To hold a short meeting in the demilitarized zone, Trump proposed to the head of the DPRK through Twitter, during his visit to South Korea. During a press conference on the morning of June 30, Trump said that this meeting will take place. According to him, it is organized so that he and the head of the DPRK can shake hands. Pyongyang has not officially commented on this statement.

Answering the question about when the third full-fledged meeting of the US President and the leader of North Korea will take place, Trump said that this will be clear following the meeting in the buffer zone.