The President attended the graduation ceremony of the rehabilitation program for former prisoners in Las Vegas.

President Donald Trump supported reforms to implement the changes provided for in the “First Step” act, which was the basis for the largest judicial reform in the United States in recent years. This is stated in a statement released by the White House in connection with Trump’s participation in the release ceremony of the program “Hope for prisoners” in Las Vegas.

The law “First Step” applies to an obsolete and failed policy in the area of justice, which has long needed reform. The law eliminated the “three-time violation of the law” rule, which provided for life imprisonment for certain crimes; it expanded the ability of judges to pass sentences for nonviolent crimes, and it helped prisoners successfully reintegrate into society by providing them with access to various rehabilitation programs.

The President included more than $ 400 million in the Federal budget to expand access for former prisoners to programs under the “First Step” law.

“We are here to confirm that America is a country that believes in correction… We believe in a second chance, and we want to bring back citizens-great people, in many cases, and not so great in other cases. I won’t be too politically correct, okay? Not in all cases, but in any case, we want to rebuild their lives, they want to rebuild their lives, they want to help us and rebuild our country,” the President said, addressing graduates of the “Hope for prisoners” program.