The US President’s state visit to the United Kingdom includes an audience with Queen Elizabeth II and participation in celebrations to mark the anniversary of the allied landings in Normandy.

President Donald Trump on Sunday evening went on a four-day trip to Europe. His plane left the joint Andrews base in Maryland around 20:30 local time.
Trump will land in London early Monday morning.

He did not make any statements to reporters before he boarded the presidential plane.

His state visit will include an audience with Queen Elizabeth II, ceremonies to mark the anniversary of the allied landings in Normandy to be held in the UK and France, and a stopover in Ireland.

Trump, first lady Melania Trump and adult children of the President will also take part in the State Banquet, which will be arranged by the Queen.
In Britain, against Trump’s visit will be held mass protests. Marches on the Central streets, as well as pickets and rallies, are planned. According to the Sunday Times, a quarter of a million people will take part in the actions, which have already been called the “Carnival of the resistance.” The program of the state visit has already made adjustments: I had to abandon the trip in an open crew. Security measures have been strengthened in London.