According to Biden, Kamala Harris passed a negative test for COVID-19.

Douglas Emhoff, who is the spouse of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, has contracted coronavirus, he feels well. This was stated by American leader Joe Biden, speaking at an event at the White House dedicated to the protection of women’s rights.

Harris “as a precaution decided not to come” to the event. “Kamala decided not to take risks because her husband got sick with COVID,” Biden explained. “As I was told, he feels very well,” the American leader added.

At the same time, Biden made a reservation during his speech, saying that Emhoff was infected. The American leader stated that “plans have changed regarding who is on stage, since the husband of the first lady has fallen ill with COVID.” The wife of the American leader, Jill Biden, who was sitting next to him, prompted to him that he was the husband of the first lady. Emhoff is called the second gentleman in the USA. Biden laughingly admitted the mistake.

The White House issued a statement, which, in particular, clarifies that “the vice president passed a negative test for COVID-19 today and will continue to be tested.”