American actress Drew Barrymore said she was sent to a mental hospital when she was 13 years old. An interview with her was published on the website of radio host Howard Stern.

According to the star, her mother placed her in the clinic. “She created a monster and didn’t know what to do with it. Then I really lost control, so I forgive her for this choice. She probably felt that she had nowhere to turn, ” said the artist.

She noted that she spent a year and a half in the institution. Barrymore recalled that at Van Nuys Psychiatric, patients were thrown into a padded room or placed on a stretcher and tied up. Simultaneously, the actress said that now she partly understands her mother since she also has children. “I am kind to my mother. I feel sympathy and understanding, “ admitted the celebrity.

Earlier, Drew Barrymore talked about how the children brought her to tears when she tried to train them in quarantine. She found herself in self-isolation with her daughters, seven-year-old Olive and five-year-old Frankie. The artist admitted that she was shocked by the need to simultaneously engage in children’s education and discipline, which made her cry every day.