Due to climate change, dragonflies move to the north of the planet

Researchers from the UK and Ireland have noticed that dragonflies’ habitats are changing – they are moving north. Scientists attribute this to climate change and drought.

As temperatures rise, dragonflies move northward, according to scientists from the UK and Ireland. Experts from the British Dragonfly Society say this is an indicator of the effects of climate change.

They are also concerned about the loss of insect populations due to factors such as pollution and habitat changes. Conservation officer Eleanor Colver noted that although their data can determine where dragonflies are found, they cannot accurately determine their number and whether their number has increased in general.

“Factors such as the use of pesticides (to reduce the number of flying insects), water pollution, and loss of habitat continue to threaten the health of dragonfly populations within existing ranges,” said Colver.

Among the species that have expanded their range, there are dozens of dragonflies, but some of them, living in the highlands and in the north, are retreating or disappearing. Scientists attribute this to the loss of peat bogs and severe droughts.

“The increase in the abundance of many species can be attributed to a combination of climate warming and an increase or improvement in wetland habitats. This is an increase in the number of ponds, lakes, gravel pits, and reservoirs in recent decades, – said Dave Smallshire, co-editor of the report. “But that doesn’t mean the dragonflies are okay.”

“Our view is that global climate change, in the case of the UK and Ireland, significant climate warming, is likely to have influenced many of these changes,” he added.

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