According to the manufacturer, the Duracell Power Center lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery is compatible with new or existing PV systems and inverters of any brand. The power of the installation is 5 kW, and the battery capacity is 14 kWh. The complete Duracell Power Center product line will consist of 5kV and 10kV inverters with batteries ranging from 14kWh to 84kWh, the company said.

Battery voltages range from 44.5V to 53.5V. Bidirectional efficiency is over 85.7% and performance is guaranteed for over 6,000 cycles. The unique (according to Duracell) Power Center bi-directional inverter technology allows new and existing solar system owners to store excess solar energy for use at night.

The new product is already available in the North American and Caribbean markets. The company’s plans to enter other markets are still unknown.