Earth’s temperature reached record highs in 2020

The Earth’s temperature in 2020 reached a record high in 3 million years, and the current commitments of countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are not enough to prevent a climate catastrophe. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, speaking in a video format at the international conference «Petersberg Climate Dialogue,» stated this on Thursday.

“Last year was another unprecedented period of extreme weather and climate disasters,” he said. “The concentration of carbon dioxide has risen again to a new high-148% above pre-industrial levels.”

According to the Secretary-General, “this is the highest level in 3 million years when the Earth’s temperature was 3 degrees higher, and the sea level was about 15 meters higher.”

“Under current commitments, we are still heading for a catastrophic 2.4-degree temperature rise by the end of the century. We are standing on the edge of a precipice,” he warned.

“But if we work together, we can prevent the worst consequences of climate destabilization and use the recovery from the pandemic to embark on a cleaner and greener path of development,” Guterres said.

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Author: Ivan Maltsev
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