The company said it would continue to assess the situation.

The American company eBay, engaged in online sales, temporarily stopped all transactions with Russian addresses due to the termination of the work of payment providers in the territory of the Russian Federation. This is stated in a statement published on Saturday on the eBay export website.

“Due to the shutdown of payment providers and major delivery services, we are temporarily suspending all transactions with Russian addresses. We will continue to assess the situation and make the necessary changes to our policy and provision of services as events unfold,” the statement said.

In addition, eBay’s new measures will affect marketplace users in different ways. The statement claims that active fixed-price user ads will be hidden from search results. “Taking into account these factors, the status of your account is set to “on vacation” (Time Away). Your active fixed-price ads will be hidden from search results, and buyers will not be able to purchase your products. If you have active Classified Ads or auction-style ads, they will be completed. If there are bids for your ads in the auction format, these bids will be canceled. If you do not have active ads, no action is required from you,” the message explains.

Earlier, eBay announced that it had suspended the delivery of orders to Russia and Ukraine since March 3.

eBay Inc. is one of the world’s largest American companies in the field of commerce, operating in 190 markets. According to Data Insight research, eBay became the most popular export marketplace in Russia in 2021.