American economists are convinced that US President Donald Trump has a great chance of re-election in the elections of 2020. This information was distributed by the newspaper The New York Times.

The publication notes that experts base this conclusion on the economic model, which was previously used to predict the results of the election of former us President Barack Obama. This model is based on indicators such as gross domestic product growth and inflation.

The New York Times notes that this model has already established itself as a reliable method: in 2008, it was predicted that Obama would receive 53.1% of the vote, and as a result, 53.7% of voters voted for him.

The former adviser to the Minister of Finance in the Obama administration Steven Rattner also believes high chances of trump’s re-election. The same opinion is shared by representatives of Moody’s Analytics and TrendMacrolytics.

However, opinion polls show that Americans themselves do not prefer Trump, but Democrats and especially former Vice President Joe Biden. Experts do not exclude that the problem of 2020 may be whether Trump will be able to overcome the negative attitude of a large number of voters.

Recall, the 59th US presidential election will be held on November 3, 2020. More than 20 representatives of the Democratic Party have already announced their intention to take part in them. The Democratic Congress, which will officially nominate a candidate for President, will be held in July 2020. The Republicans will hold their Congress in August next year. Trump will also run for a second term from the Republican Party.