Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

usfreenews.com editorial guidelines for authors

All materials submitted for consideration for publication to the editorial board of the journal must be prepared in accordance with the editorial rules for the authors of this news portal. The electronic version of the article must be designed in accordance with the publishing rules for authors.

  1. Material – any content that is informational in nature and is not a service or project.
  2. Useful material – non-unique text. When publishing useful material, the source must be specified.
  3. Article – a unique text containing more than 1000 characters without spaces.
  4. Authors can share their personal experiences, express their opinions, and describe the processes and results of their research and discoveries.
  5. It is allowed to use no more than 5 lines of quotations from other people’s essays or notes. Texts replete with other people’s quoting thoughts will not be accepted.

The main requirement is proven facts! Our editorial staff carefully checks the information before publishing it. All this to provide the most reliable news, confirmed by authoritative sources. Under the ban — notes of a propaganda nature, press releases, election campaigning, promotion of business projects.

It is forbidden to post the following information:

  • advertising of sex services, sex toys, escort services, gambling;
  • description of sexual perversions, violence, pornography;
  • propaganda of violence, racial hatred, and nationalism;
  • a call for the overthrow of the political system;
  • inciting religious conflicts;
  • calls for suicide;
  • promotion of medicines banned in the country;
  • description and promotion of religious and public organizations that are outside the law;
  • advertising of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs;
  • recommendations for the production of explosives, weapons, chemicals, medicines;
  • obscene language;
  • defamatory information, deliberately false information;
  • attempts to humiliate someone’s honor and dignity;
  • tips for conducting hacker attacks, hacking other people’s accounts, e-mail, opening other people’s personal correspondence;
  • calls to earn money on the Internet.

This list is not final. The editorial board has the right to reject the article if it does not meet the requirements of the law and the resource policy.

Design and formatting rules

One article should be placed in one category. If it matches several categories, you need to choose the one that best suits you. If a copywriter submits an article in different categories, the editors will delete them, and the author’s account will be blocked.

The composition of the text should be as follows:

  • content;
  • annotation;
  • body;
  • background information.

All elements are placed in the corresponding fields.

Link placement rules

A maximum of 10 URL links can be placed in the body. They should not be present in the title or annotation. Links can be placed in the field for reference information. Avoid references in the first three paragraphs.

When using links, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • don’t use HTML tags to highlight links;
  • the posted link should not require downloading additional files;
  • links that lead to paid subscriptions are prohibited;
  • you can not send the reader to sites that have been blocked by Google or to those caught in illegal optimization;

It is forbidden to post the same link several times.

If the editorial board finds a violation of these rules, the article will be blocked, and the author will no longer be able to work on the resource.

Start a collaboration with a resource usfreenews.com. It is not difficult; you just need to study the above requirements and adhere to them.